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Loudspeakers a Code Violation at Bastille Day Street Party

As I walked home from the train the evening of July 14 after my day’s work in NYC, I began hearing music as far away as Chatsworth Ave., beside Chatsworth School.  As I drew nearer my home and walked past the entrance of 17 Addison Street to Larchmont Ave. to investigate the source, I was horrified to see that the music, which I began hearing more than an entire block away, was emanating from loudspeakers positioned directly beneath my bedroom window.

Over the 13 years I’ve lived at my present address, I’ve grown to tolerate a certain amount of noise (within reason), coming mostly from pedestrians and auto traffic.  After all, this is both a residential and commercial block.

However, my personal opinions and tolerance aside, even the Village of Larchmont Code prohibits the use of loudspeakers on Village streets.

According to Chapter 195 of the Code, “Use of loudspeakers, the sound from which can be heard out-of-doors, is hereby prohibited, except for the following purposes:”

[those public event exceptions being defined in Section 195-7(B):]

“On municipal athletic fields and parks, on school athletic fields and on grounds of membership clubs in connection with athletic and sporting events and celebrations, provided that permission shall have been granted for the same by the Chief of Police or his/her deputy, which permission may be subject to such conditions (including limitation of hours) as the Chief of Police or his/her deputy deem appropriate.”

So according to the Code, athletic fields, parks, schools and membership club grounds are all OK if permission is granted. Village streets were not included - and for good reason.  People live there.

In years past, I seem to remember Bastille Day musicians playing on Gilder Street, putting at least a little distance between the loudspeakers and Larchmont Avenue residents, who are as legally entitled to the right of quiet enjoyment as any other Larchmont resident.

If a permit is again granted to allow the use of loudspeakers in connection with Bastille Day celebrations (which would still be a departure from Chapter 195 of the Village Code), I hope the Village will restrict their placement once again to Gilder, and that loudspeakers will never again be placed directly beneath the windows of Larchmont Avenue apartment residents.

Thank you.

Vittoria Conn
17 Addison Street

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15 comments to Loudspeakers a Code Violation at Bastille Day Street Party

  • Well Excuuuuuze Me

    How inconsiderate of you to push the noise on Gilder St. where all the residents complained about last year’s Bastille Day party sponsored by Auray Gourmet Cheese whatever that place is & Espana something. People live on this street too and we pay a lot more to live here than you do! The noise from their entertainment was very loud & noisy—not a welcome sight either.

  • WHAT

    maybe if you joined in on the fun you wouldn’t be complaining so much about the noise. It was a graet day for larchmont!

  • Paul Revere

    To tell you the truth the residents on Gilder Street do not want that event ever held on our street again. Agreed the loudspeaker is noisy-we did not appreciate the inconsideration last year. The entire event should have been held either at the French American School whom they supposedly say they are honoring (the French community) or on Chatsworth Ave. school grounds where it would not bother any residents. I hope Auray Gourmet, The Chamber & Espana aspire to residential communities’ wishes rather than to convenience right outside their doors.

  • Norman

    Larchmont has turned into a town of old fuddy duddies and grumpy people - glad I no longer live there.

    People just need to grow up!!!!

    • Lisa

      Norman, I don’t agree. People need to stop being self centered. My rights end when they meet up with yours. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with being grumpy or immature. Let them celebrate somewhere else where no one is disturbed.

      • Stormin' Norman

        Your rights end when they meet up w/ mine???!!?? Last time I looked there was plenty of space on this earth for you and me and the rest of Larchmonters, past and present, to co-exist together.

        Lisa, mon cherie, your “rights” don’t end when they meet up w/ mine. But it’s quite apparent that your patience and tolerance end when you are asked to compromise, share and endure what you perceive as disturbance and others perceive as enjoyment.

        As you can see, I am transformed from a mere Norman, into Stormin’ Norman, toute de suite!

        Stormin’ Norman says: “Let them eat Cake!”

        A demain….

  • Paul Revere

    Well Norman if you no longer live here why do you bother to criticize? You moved and I wonder why? Didn’t like the “old fuddy duddies and grumpy people”? Good thing you left. Live here and then speak negatively of the residents if you must.

    • Stormin' Norman

      Mon chere Paul,

      No need to be a fuddy duddy or a grumpy man. Old, yes, as you pre-date most of us, but mon Dieu, you’ve sure kept up appearances well after all these years!!!

      Hark! I’m off to check out this new Tea Party thing everyone’s talking about. Perhaps you know what it is???

  • Brad Garfield

    OMG!!!! Will you people get a life :) The event was wonderful and exactly what this community needs to show unity and spirit in a continuing dwindling economy. These types of events are great for the merchants and bring life to our village. If you seriously think an event like this is too loud in the middle of the summer than maybe it’s time to head on down to Florida!

  • Larchmonter

    Seriously, this is a once-a-year event, and like sidewalk sales, holiday parades, outdoor concerts and the Tour de Larchmont it is helpful to merchants and good for building community spirit. Let there be fun!

  • Sonya

    This was a FANTASTIC event for everyone, old and young. Kudos and thanks to everyone involved in the organization and planning. What a wonderful way to celebrate our community and culture! My family and friends look forward to this event next year.

    For those of you that are so annoyed and bothered by the loud music, you should be ashamed with yourselves. Did you not see all the children laughing and dancing and having a great time? Life is short, open the windows….enjoy the music and fun!

  • Lisa

    The point is why should people who don’t want to be subjected to your enjoyment be forced to listen to it? One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Maybe the residents on Gilder street and the other street don’t like this type of “celebration.” Yes, enjoy yourself but don’t let it infringe on other people’s enjoyment. Hold the party somewhere else where noise is welcomed, like at the French American school. I’ll bet that this activity resulted in no more business for the store owners than they would have seen on any other night. Don’t kid yourself, only those who were at the party “enjoyed it.” And BTW, children always laugh and dance, that’s what kids do when there is loud music, but they would have had just as much fun laughing and dancing elsewhere. That wouldn’t make anyone feel “ashamed” for asking that the party be held elsewhere. Be realistic and respectful of others.

    • Paul Revere

      BRAVO Lisa!!! Well said. Maybe the revelers would understand if we moved the event under their windows and blocked off their streets. If anything these stores would lose potential residential customers due to their lack of understanding privacy. They don’t live here so they don’t care if they trash up the streets & blast loud music-just look at how inconsiderate Tequila Sunrise is with partyers until 2 am and music too loud. They could at least have the consideration to close their doors and keep their very loud & noisy patrons inside but then again this is a lack of code enforcement on behalf of the village-hmmmmmmmmm

  • Lisa

    Dear Paul,
    Before your next night ride, maybe you can pass this thread on to whomever it is that is responsible for code enforcements in the village. Obviously, it’s too late for this year but it may prevent a repeat for next year since this very well may be an annual event. Best of luck with this.

  • The Dave

    What an incredible waste of thought, on both sides. Lighten up Larchmont.